Well, we finally made it to Sundance as a
couple of independent "clip-makers" with
our latest effort, "Slim & Nun!"

The following material has been brought
to you by our corporate sponsor...

...as part of their "Chips & Clips" promotion.

So please remember to enjoy some
delicious Tostitos chips while watching our clip!

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Bonus material!

Check out some of the exerpts from our
Q&A session recorded after the premiere
of our clip by clicking on any image below!

Exerpt 1 - Frank and Shane explain why they became "clip-makers"

Exerpt 2 - Frank and Shane explain the concept behind the the clip

Exerpt 3 - Frank and Shane talk about their working relationship

Exerpt 4 - Frank and Shane spot Robert Redford in the audience

We would also like to thank:

Cliff Richhart
Kristin McCollum
Blake Calhoun
Our Families
All The Little People

Copyright © 2006 Frank Ford and Shane Estep