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Phantom Of The Theater #1

Phantom Of The Theater #2

Phantom Of The Theater #3 (plus credits)

Someone To Watch Over Me

Comedy Team

Jesus Saves

Avenue Y


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Chicago Sketchfest - Official Selection

Dallas Comedy Festival - Official Selection

NYC Underground Comedy Festival - Official Selection

Nick Gibbons helps us close our show at the
NYC Underground Comedy Festival
in a most uncomfortable fashion.

Listen to the Zimmerman audios that we used to break
up the sketches during the blackouts in our
"Feetprints (Don't Fail Me Now)" show...

Zimmerman Audio 1

Zimmerman Audio 2

Zimmerman Audio 3

Zimmerman Audio 4


"Frank and Shane's comedy revue
was an extremely welcome addition to the festival.
In addition to the writing being smart and funny,
their performances of the sketches were great!"

- George Sarris, Executive Producer, The NYC Underground Comedy Festival

"You have established yourself as one
of the major players at our festival. Thanks for
that. Everyone enjoyed your shows."

- Brian Posen, Executive Producer, Chicago Sketchfest

"A clever collection of comedy vignettes."

 - Todd Camp, Entertainment Critic, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

"Sophisticated and amazing!
One of the most hilarious sketch
shows that I have ever seen."

- Rob Poynor, Producer, Dallas Comedy Festival

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